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Schedule of the project
  • Stage I:
- Working with the DGT methodology and identifying the most appropriate working schemes, starting with gel fixation and ending with AAS determination;
- A comparative study of DGT with analytes extraction in solid phase on adequate substrata and pre-concentration on Chelex-100 columns;
- Estimating the performance parameters of the DGT method (quantification limit, measurement domain, trueness, precision as repeatability, fidelity as reproducibility, recovery factor);
  • Stage II:
- Devising the methodology for DGT and DET utilization in the actual circumstances existing in the Saligny FRWMAW area;
- Determining the speciation of the elements of interest which exist in the porewater of the unsaturated zone and of the local and Berriasian aquifers;
- Assessing the amount of cation complexing due to the dissolved organic matter;
- Outlining the part played by the particulates and the colloidal matter in the analytes migration;
  • Stage III:
- Geochemical modeling based on thermodynamic and kinetic criteria in order to compare the experimental results with the theoretical assessments;
- Experimental evaluation of the DGT/DET measurements trueness and precision;
- Estimating the measurement uncertainty for the utilized DGT/DET methodology.