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The goal of the present project is to set up and to validate DGT/DET methodologies in order to be utilized as techniques for a continuous and long-term monitoring of the migration through the geosphere of those elements which correspond to the radionuclides that are specific to the weak and medium active waste which shall be stored for an unlimited time-period in the repository to be built at Saligny.

General objectives:
  1. Developing and evaluating, by means of laboratory experiments, the DGT methodology for the considered analytes, by using synthetic water samples whose characteristics are similar to those of the groundwater in the Saligny FRWMAW area.
  2. Using DGT/DET for in situ and laboratory determinations on groundwater samples collected from the saturated zone, from the soil layer porewater, and from profiles characteristic to the unsaturated zone, with special concern for the organic complexation of the elements and for the part that particulates play in their transfer;
  3. Internally validating the DGT/DET methodology which will be developed for the investigation of the migration of the elements of interest in the Saligny FRWMAW area.